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Novel Coronavirus (COVID - 19) 

Foot Health maintains independence, wellbeing and reduces the likelihood of serious injury and illness in the most at risk groups which would place further burden on the NHS in this unprecedented time, we therefore have worked closely with our vendors, partners and local authority to ensure our vital service continues for those in need. 



Our Plan 

  • All consultations will now be home visit appointments ONLY. 

  • Appointments will be restricted in number with large breaks between clients.

  • All clients will be contacted via telephone the day before to confirm they do not have NHS England recognised COVID-19 symptoms.

  •  All staff will continue to use full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on arrival to home visits. 

  • Card payment and Bank transfer payments will be requested for all services.

All consultations must be booked via telephone on 0203 794 5488 or email at

NHS COVID-19 Advice 

Please CLICK HERE for further advice on the SARS-Corona Virus

What makes us different?


We take the responsibility of your healthcare seriously, with your safety and well-being paramount to us. 

Sterile Instruments 

All our medical instruments are compliant with UK Department of Health standards ensuring you remain safe when using our services.

DBS Certified Staff 

All our clinical staff have passed UK Government and Police background checks to ensure they are of good character.

Fully Insured and Registered

We are fully insured and registered with the Government providing peace of mind.


We all want confidence that those who provide our healthcare have the knowledge, skills and experience to ensure we receive the best outcomes from our specialists.


All our specialists are fully qualified and registered with their relevant bodies. 

Advanced training 

After qualifying our staff undertake a 6 month training program being supervised, educated and assessed by our Senior Executive Clinicians .

To maintain these standards our staff undertake Continual Professional Development to keep up to date with the most recent advancements in healthcare.


Healthy feet are essential for long term health and wellbeing, we understand that when you have a foot problem all activities get put on hold. 


We believe healthcare should be within the reach of everyone so we created local, regular, low cost foot health services meaning you or a loved one can experience our care in a friendly, familiar, easily accessible location with your family, friends, guardians or carers welcome to be present during the consultation.

Worried about costs?

Fear not, we have created Complete Care Plans that spread the cost of your foot care from as little as £2.50 per week, ensuring safe, high quality affordable footcare is available to all. For more information click the link below or call us on 0203 794 5488.


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